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Poodles wurde schwindelig von all dem 3D drehen im All und war froh das ganze war zu Ende so schnell wie möglich.

Sandra Bullock sah irgendwie wie meine Gummi-Knochen aus... etwa blass, sehr glatt und ein wenig unecht...

Der Film war - trotz 3d - irgendwie stinklangweilig.

Null Pfötchen. Nein! Nicht ein!!

The Congress

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Manufacturing a dreamworld


"The Congress" challenges one to see that we are not just victims, but active perpetrators in the manufacture of illusion. Minds do not just play games with us, creating fantasies is an active step. WE are playing the game. To avoid what, would be a good question. The movie plays a wonderful joke on some "important figures."Poodles will say no more now. But gives "the Congress"

10 paws up.

The Expendables 2

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Top spoof!


Cool, macho, so over-the-top: so many clichés, and yet: "The Expendibles" was hilarious. Poodles doesn't even like machos yet cheered along while all viewers laughed their heads off right through to the end (in Metropolis): a great spoof! Ageing super-heroes at their best. Cool!

The Artist

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This is ENTERTAINMENT! Jean Dujardin ist der moderne Errol Flynn: grossartig. Feel-good, light, menschlich, ohne überflüssiges Reden: mehr davon. Und von Dujardin!!

Prometheus - Dunkle Zeichen

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What can you expect..


.... from a space film?

Still, Poodles enjoyed Promotheus and just went along for the ride and had a good old chuckle.

At a deeper level, one could analyse the space travellers: for example (the naive idiot-scientist who (unfortunately for him) sees everything as"good", the shiziod who doesn't give a damn except "the right order of things", the bold heroes who sacrifice themselves for the good of others (pity for them too) and the true believer.... etc.

The evil participants of course were so stereotype - I guess the message is: curiosity kills the cat (and not poodles!)

The movie is more than passable if you don't try to take it seriously, and you like analysing characters....

Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

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Wohlfühl Kino


Der Film hat jegliche Erwartung (es waren geringe!) weit übertroffen. Witzig, clever, kurzweilig. Ein grosses Pfötchen hoch von Poodles!

The Social Network

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Sehr sehenswert...


Klasse Story über das entstehen von Facebook. Fängt sprachlich etwa unruhig an, aber bald fängt es an zu grooven und es kriegt ein Eigenleben - Besetzung sehr gut - auch das pendeln zwischen "jetzt" und "was passierte" ist sehr gelungen.

4.5 Pfötchen!!

Beilight - Biss zum Abendbrot

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Hübsche Leute....


... was erwartet man mehr? Die Geschichte ist doch Uralt... aber es ist doch egal!!! Alle sind super gestylt, chic, cool - totally watchable - und ein hübsche Variation des "Gut vs Böse": es gibt gut-böse, und güt-güt-böse... sowie böse-böse Vampire....

Poodles ging entspannt rein, und entspannt raus... und irgendwie war der Film ganz nett....

The American

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... Clooney-Watching...


This movie is all about Clooney. Close-up-Clooney, in action-Clooney, looking moody-Clooney romantic-Clooney, cool-killer-Clooney, lover-Clooney etc.

Always impeccably groomed, relaxed with the famous slouch-seating position Poodles has come to know - fine movie for fans of - guess who? Clooney!! Woof!

Otherwise, well, ok. It gets three paws. And a loud woof. For none other than - Clooney!


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Go with a clear head


.... and leave with a confused one. The movie is actually very good - but it runs at so many levels, that unless you are very awake and able to concentrate - it will just kind of at some point run past you - and leave you wondering "what happend then, just then?" which is what happened to Poodles. It's probably better as a book.

It has many interesting paralells to psychoanalysis however - one thing/thought/event triggers the next...

Neue Kinofilme

The Bikeriders


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